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Apr. 17th, 2005 @ 02:43 am
hey guys! Well I made a new livejournal user name to match my screen name, so if you could, add me please! :-)

In BCIS once again haha Apr. 8th, 2005 @ 08:51 am
Well guys I am officially blonde again. And not light brown with blonde highlights, I mean blonde blonde. At first I thought it looked horrid and I looked like a strawed hillbilly bt the more I see it the more I like it. I guess it's just gonna take some getting used to but I'll post pictures up so you all that haven't seen it can.

I can't wait for the all american rejects concert. I freakin love tyson ritter! I think I'm gonna go with Ewin, Lindsey, Pris, Sandra, Stacie and I dunno who else but it's gonna be a BLAST. Rachel can't go cuz it's on a sunday :-(.. I'll take piccs for her though!

I'm sooo soo happy that I have the best friends that I do. At first I was kind of like, I dunno scared that we'd be really different or that I dunno it would be weird but it's not. You guys are awesome and I love you to death (in alphabetical order cuz I love you all the same) Ewin, Lindsey, Pris, Rachel and Sandra. *SLRPEN* :-D You guys are the effin best! I better go though, I have homework to do and we have a pep rally today so I'm not gonna have too much time to work on it.

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FINALLY came to a decision Apr. 5th, 2005 @ 08:52 pm
OMG! I just got back from Drivers Ed... crazy a** teacher! It was like so weird and scary it was funny. He's more strict than like school. No hats, chewing gum, talking, you can't even ask him a question if you don't raise your hand and will be penalized if you do that, no poppin knuckles, shaking your legs, closing your eyes, electronical devices, slouching, not looking at him, and certian things can't be worn. I know driving's serious, but that's a little.. odd. And my parents got me the home kit before we got out for Christmas Break. My mother's liek retarded and couldn't figure it out, so now I'm stuck with this.. it's okay at least I'm takin it, forever after lol.

After like forever of contemplating, I've decided to do my hair blonde. Darker was kewl, but hey.. it's gonna be summer, I need to lighten it up. So I have an appointment to get it done tomorow at 2:30. Yessss! I hope I don't have a lot of problems like last time... and I hope it looks okay. I wanna do it like LC from Laguna Beach, but I bet it won't come out that exact color, but hopefully I'll get it close! :-) She's gorgeous, and speaking of, I can't wait for next season. Anywho, I better be off to do homework so that way I can shower and talk to MY jeffaloo :-). So I'll catch you guys later. Love ya!


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Do you feel this, I know you feel this, Are You ready? I dont think so.. Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 10:11 am
Hey guys! Well first off, we played our bi-district game on tuesday in odessa, and we won in shoot-out. Yessss! Then, we played last night in Midland and we lost 1-0. Damn, I thought we coulda played better as a team and I was getting into it with this one stupid girl the whole game! Like wow, we were pushing eachother crazy and I like swung back at her soo many times, I'm lucky the reff didn't call it on me, but she was doing it first, so she got the foul! :-) The guys had stayed to watch our game, since we left early to watch theirs, and we went out to eat at Fudruckers together after and I had a lot of fun. They kept makin us laugh and they're just crazy lol good times, good times!

On another note, I missed Pris's sleepover last night :-(.. but it's okay there'll be more. Gosh I freakin love Rachel, Linds, Pris and Sandra!!! And of course I don't even have to say Ewin lol, everyone know's shes my sista. But I seriously have soo much fun with those girls, and they're so nice and funny haha.

Jeff is in Tuscon right now, he left yesterday after school. Great haha, it's all good though he'll be back today and he came over Thursday night since we weren't gonna see eachother Friday. And of course I'm gonna see him today, so I'm happy about that! :-) I just got done eating breakfast which was great. I had 2 eggs, 2 biscuts, potatoes and 3 sausages lol. Hey, I was starving from the game lol! I'll catch up with you guys later though, luv ya!

*I'd like to make an announcement lol. Eh eh eh em... Brittany Blakey is wonderful herself and has a very special place in my heart :-)*

I see you lookin at me
Like I'm some kind of freak
Get up out of your seat
Why dont you do somethin'?
I see you lookin' at me
Like I got what you need
Get up out of your seat,
Why dont you do somethin'?

Now you all in my grill
Cause I say what I feel
Only rocks on what's real
Baby bump bump
But I can't do that with you
Only here with my crew
I can roll if you can
Dont be a punk punk
I see you lookin' over here
Cant you tell I'm havin' fun
If you care like I know
You would stop
starrin' at us
And get your own space
And do somethin'

[chorus x2]

Do Somethin'
WHY DON'T YOU DO SOMETHIN'? << hahaha, best effin song!

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Picture time! Mar. 28th, 2005 @ 09:52 pm
Today was fun again. Rachel, Linds and Pris are the sweetest and the best. Anyways, here are the pics I promised... I know there's a lot lol. Enjoy!

title or description

Happy Easter! Cool bunny cake haha

title or description

Cool eggs, alomng with Ewins lol. see

title or description
The egg larry made me, and the rachel is hott one

title or description
the basket I made jeff

title or description
jeff's cupcakes

title or description
cookies we made

title or description
Effin awesome egg!

title or description
Rachel's sexy egg

title or description
my even sexier egg

title or description
out of 48 cupcakes, the 4 that we didn't eat or use... (however were soon consumed by my mother lol)

These are gonna be really big.. sorry!

title or description
little bakers rachel and ewin lol!

title or description
aww pris!

title or description
pris and rachel hard at work!

title or description
linds before coloring her egg

title or description
linds and me lookin rather red lol.. hey it was hott!

title or description
pretty pic of pris and rachel

title or description
sexy pic of linds!

title or description
rachel proposing to me :-) ( i know that doesn't even luk like me lol i look high and retarded)

title or description
the proposal egg

title or description
rachel and ewin with they're eggs that resemble them haha

title or description
and for a finale, larry getting a cupcake in his face lol

that was one fun night :-)!

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*Listening to*: Spanish mon. lol (linds pris & rachel introduced us to it!)
Other entries
» Happy Easter! and the funnest weekend ever....
*Happy Easter everyone*! I hope everyone had a nice day and ate as much as I have lol. I'll get to what I did today in a bit. So here's a little summary of how my weekend went :-)!

Thursday night I felt bad about some stuff and Friday seemed like it was going bad too but as the weekend progressed things were like great and my buds came to the rescue. So Friday night I was gonna go to Fernies but being the cholo he is, he cancelled itlol. But it's all good cuz I got to go to the movies with Jeff so that was even better hehe. We saw the Ring 2 w/ Josh and Pris. Aww they're so cute lol. Then Saturday morning I went to walgreens to get a whole buncha stuff to make baskets and color eggs with and then to albertsons to get a whole buncha cake mix and all that good stuff. So then we get home and go visit my grandma cuz she fell the other day and had to go to the hospital to like get stiches and stuff on her face, poor thing. So then I came back home and ewin came over then we cleaned up a bit. So we were waiting for rachel and linds and pris but they were still at work and rachel was waiting on them so me and ewin were like hmm we should make the first batch of cupcakes. So I guess I messed up cuz I liek madei t bymyself but it was like pudding. Then Larry and Wes show up and my parents barbecued so they're like eating while we're workin on the cupcakes. No one liked them cuz they came out gooey, but I thought they were just GREAT haha. Then in no time rachel came over, then went and got linds and pris and came back. Let me tell you guys, i haven't laughed that hard and had that much fun in forever! I seriously almost pulled a rachel and peed in my pants haha. So we like baked all night and pigged out mad on barbecue and cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. We made perty eggs and stuff too hehe, I dunno it was just so much effin fun lol. Then they had to go home and wes left w/ his grly so me ewin and larry watched van helsing and that was it for our night. Oh wait and so everyone knows, lol ewin had 7 cupcakes last night w/ ice cream and I had 14! I know, right? that's horrible and cookies and frosting and barbecue too. Sadly the night ended, but I think tomorow hopefully we're all gonna do something again.

As for today, my parents woke up me and ewin like at 7 to go visit my grandma so we literally get up go to the kitchen, and my other grandma got us like hot chocolates and crispy creme and croissants ( like we needed em ) so we had that, then went to my uncles where we tried to hook up ewin with my cousin haha and to visit my grandma. Then we went to my hosue and I made ewin and me eggs & weenies for breaky, then we layed down and watched the ashlee simpson show. After that ewin went home and after that i ended up showering and Jeff came by to gt his basket. Lol just looking at him and talking to him, wow.... I dunno. And to be with him... I feel like a very lucky girl hehe :-)!! Then I went to ewins and I just came home right now. I cannot begin to tell you just how much ewin and I have eaten today. Ya'll are seriously gonna be rollin us around haha.

I guess that's about all I have to say... this weekend was effin awesme. No parties, and I think I had more fun doing what i did. Those girls are the bes thaha. Oh and we took a zillion pics so I'll post those up foo's lol, butlater this is already long enough. Wow I can't even say how happy I am right now. Everything's so *:-)* and I decided screw what was going on before! I didn't do anything wrong, so I'm not gonna pay. The things that matter are what are makin me so happy!

some funny a$$ things!~

*the "grape" jellybean
*rachel peeing in her pants
*the retarded eggs
*all the telling of pris's stories
*soggy cupcakes
* getting larry in the face with a cup cake
*ewin: larry do you wan soem sprnkles? larry: naw, I still have some in my eyebrows
*retarded cookies
*burnt cookies
*Larry and wes's faces when they saw how much us grlys threw down
*the dissapearance of all the food
*mars volta dude
*pathetic ugly girl
*never understood/read someone like he did her. only took a week and then that was it
*brown teeth
*ice, ice baby

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» I tear my heart open just to feel...
So we're officially on break again, well not as long but hey, we get today and monday off. So that's good, and I get tuesday off cuz I'm goin to Odessa for play off game, and If we win we play Friday. SO I might have like a two day week haha.

On another note, I've come to the realization of somethings and well..... I'm freakin sick of these things and I hate feeling bad cuz of them. I honestly feel like.. ahh well I kinda don't wana write it and have start problems or bring negativity, but blah I dunno. I really don't know what to do :-( . I don't get how people change with you, or I dunno.. just when they turn out to not be the person you thought they were. Thank you to Ewin, Rachel, Linds and Pris for being there though. I know I haven't told you grlys (pris rachel and linds) what's really going on, but you guys have been there and given me comforting words and that means soo soo much. You guys are the effin best haha, and sweetest!

Lastly, last night I was so tired and fell asleep all early like a loser and I'm not too sure of what I'm gonna do this weekend but hopefully something fun. And I wanna have an easter egg hunt! as gay as that sounds lol. I'm awfully bored and I already ate and it's barely like 9:30 in the morning. Maybe I'll call Ewin and wake her up!

You're making me insane
All I can say is

I tear my heart open, I sew myself shut
My weakness is that I care too much
And our scars remind us that the past is real
I tear my heart open just to feel

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» in BCIS .... :-(
So school's back.... literally. I'm in first period as we speak. I wanted Spring Break to keep on rollin haha. I loved not having to go to school, I hate classes. Spring Break was allright, I didn't get to do anything too interesting, but no school.. that was the best part. And of course going to San Marcos and shopping. That is by far my favorite thing to do :-)!! The worst things I guess were not seeing Jeff and not going to any parties. But, Jeff came over last night so that was awesome. I was so happy to finally get to see him after a week and 4 days! We didn't do anything really, i was doing his spanish homework and we had it on punked.. but hey I got to see him! :-) And I'll party it up this weekend.. hopefully.

Tomorow's our last district game for soccer, and if we win that we go to area, so we'll see how that goes. But I guess I better be off, the bells gonna ring in like 10. Catch ya guys later.

(summer's almost here! ..... sorta lol)

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» (No Subject)
Hey guys! Well I decided to update, cuz I'm not gonna be able to update for a while. I'm leaving to San Marcos in the morning. I wanna try and stay up until like 3 or 4, so I can sleep most of the way. Aww, jeff barley got back today, and I'm leaving tomorow .. perfect timing right :-( ? We're not gonna have seen eachother once this whole spring break, that really blows. Rrff. Oh well.. when I see him I'll be that much better lol :-)

On another note, Ewin is a wonderful sister, I'll write about all that when I get back haha, cuz it's a lot and all my updates have been uberlong lately. I can't stop thinkin about goin to cali this summer, it's gonna be soo soo much fun. I have my whole summer planned out, I can't wait. I'm that pathetic haha. But anyways, I'm just talking to talk.. I'm gonna finish up my packin and watch some t.v. I'll catch up with you guys when I get back. Luv Ya Bunches!

*I'm gonna miss you guys*

(and I want someone to cough*sing to me*cough for when I come back ;-).. I know I'm such a retard haha)

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So my spring break hasn't been too interesting, and I guess it could be more boring. My brother's g*f is at the air port right now back to San Marcos, and my brother's gonna stay until Thursday or Friday, and we're gonna drive up to San Marcos with him, so that'll be something fun I do over this break. Yesterday I had soccer practice, then came home and attempted to tan outside but the wind was killing me and I felt gay, so I went in after a lil. Then I took my shower and got dressed and stuff and ewin and I went to the mall. We each ate a soup from chikfillet and had a bowl of chicken from mira bowl (what piggies we are lol) and then walked around and shopped, and got a starbucks. MMMmmm, how could we resist? Then we came back to my casa where the electricity went out. It wasn't that bad, we lit candles and just sat there lol, isn't that gay? then Larry called, so him and mr.bean (wes) came over and we sat there in the candlelight haha. Then we were eating all my baklava sh*t and wes got the nasty one. And Larry really wanted a Keeva juice, and we went and of course it had to be closed. So Wes and Larry got a Stabucks and then we went to Marble Slab where me and ewin and larry got something. Wes just sat there lol complaining about how long it was taking with his sugarless drink. He didn't put an sugar or cream in his latte so it was all nasty haha poor wes hot all the gross stuff. Then we went back to Larrys where I met his kewl weiner dogs and we watched part of spider man 2, then came back to my casa. the electricity came going in and out so we watched part of Chicago and went to bed. Then this morning we got up and ate soo soo much (I'm not even gonna say cuz it's embarassing lol) and watched the rest of chicago. Then a little while ago Ewin went home and that's where I am right now. Jeff come's back tomorow, so I'm lookin forward to that, and I have a game today... hopefully we'll win. I wanna go grocery shopping in a while too, and try french toast and cinnamon roll pop tarts. *Yumm* Well I better be off, I'll catch you bitches lata!

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