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Previous Entry in BCIS .... :-( Mar. 21st, 2005 @ 09:21 am Next Entry
So school's back.... literally. I'm in first period as we speak. I wanted Spring Break to keep on rollin haha. I loved not having to go to school, I hate classes. Spring Break was allright, I didn't get to do anything too interesting, but no school.. that was the best part. And of course going to San Marcos and shopping. That is by far my favorite thing to do :-)!! The worst things I guess were not seeing Jeff and not going to any parties. But, Jeff came over last night so that was awesome. I was so happy to finally get to see him after a week and 4 days! We didn't do anything really, i was doing his spanish homework and we had it on punked.. but hey I got to see him! :-) And I'll party it up this weekend.. hopefully.

Tomorow's our last district game for soccer, and if we win that we go to area, so we'll see how that goes. But I guess I better be off, the bells gonna ring in like 10. Catch ya guys later.

(summer's almost here! ..... sorta lol)

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