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Happy Easter! and the funnest weekend ever.... - It's the way that I wanna live.. It's my PREROGATIVE

About Happy Easter! and the funnest weekend ever....

Previous Entry Happy Easter! and the funnest weekend ever.... Mar. 27th, 2005 @ 08:57 pm Next Entry
*Happy Easter everyone*! I hope everyone had a nice day and ate as much as I have lol. I'll get to what I did today in a bit. So here's a little summary of how my weekend went :-)!

Thursday night I felt bad about some stuff and Friday seemed like it was going bad too but as the weekend progressed things were like great and my buds came to the rescue. So Friday night I was gonna go to Fernies but being the cholo he is, he cancelled itlol. But it's all good cuz I got to go to the movies with Jeff so that was even better hehe. We saw the Ring 2 w/ Josh and Pris. Aww they're so cute lol. Then Saturday morning I went to walgreens to get a whole buncha stuff to make baskets and color eggs with and then to albertsons to get a whole buncha cake mix and all that good stuff. So then we get home and go visit my grandma cuz she fell the other day and had to go to the hospital to like get stiches and stuff on her face, poor thing. So then I came back home and ewin came over then we cleaned up a bit. So we were waiting for rachel and linds and pris but they were still at work and rachel was waiting on them so me and ewin were like hmm we should make the first batch of cupcakes. So I guess I messed up cuz I liek madei t bymyself but it was like pudding. Then Larry and Wes show up and my parents barbecued so they're like eating while we're workin on the cupcakes. No one liked them cuz they came out gooey, but I thought they were just GREAT haha. Then in no time rachel came over, then went and got linds and pris and came back. Let me tell you guys, i haven't laughed that hard and had that much fun in forever! I seriously almost pulled a rachel and peed in my pants haha. So we like baked all night and pigged out mad on barbecue and cookies and cupcakes and ice cream. We made perty eggs and stuff too hehe, I dunno it was just so much effin fun lol. Then they had to go home and wes left w/ his grly so me ewin and larry watched van helsing and that was it for our night. Oh wait and so everyone knows, lol ewin had 7 cupcakes last night w/ ice cream and I had 14! I know, right? that's horrible and cookies and frosting and barbecue too. Sadly the night ended, but I think tomorow hopefully we're all gonna do something again.

As for today, my parents woke up me and ewin like at 7 to go visit my grandma so we literally get up go to the kitchen, and my other grandma got us like hot chocolates and crispy creme and croissants ( like we needed em ) so we had that, then went to my uncles where we tried to hook up ewin with my cousin haha and to visit my grandma. Then we went to my hosue and I made ewin and me eggs & weenies for breaky, then we layed down and watched the ashlee simpson show. After that ewin went home and after that i ended up showering and Jeff came by to gt his basket. Lol just looking at him and talking to him, wow.... I dunno. And to be with him... I feel like a very lucky girl hehe :-)!! Then I went to ewins and I just came home right now. I cannot begin to tell you just how much ewin and I have eaten today. Ya'll are seriously gonna be rollin us around haha.

I guess that's about all I have to say... this weekend was effin awesme. No parties, and I think I had more fun doing what i did. Those girls are the bes thaha. Oh and we took a zillion pics so I'll post those up foo's lol, butlater this is already long enough. Wow I can't even say how happy I am right now. Everything's so *:-)* and I decided screw what was going on before! I didn't do anything wrong, so I'm not gonna pay. The things that matter are what are makin me so happy!

some funny a$$ things!~

*the "grape" jellybean
*rachel peeing in her pants
*the retarded eggs
*all the telling of pris's stories
*soggy cupcakes
* getting larry in the face with a cup cake
*ewin: larry do you wan soem sprnkles? larry: naw, I still have some in my eyebrows
*retarded cookies
*burnt cookies
*Larry and wes's faces when they saw how much us grlys threw down
*the dissapearance of all the food
*mars volta dude
*pathetic ugly girl
*never understood/read someone like he did her. only took a week and then that was it
*brown teeth
*ice, ice baby

leave some <3!!
Feelin : bouncyHappy
*Listening to*: All that we needed
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Date:March 28th, 2005 04:49 am (UTC)

aicha, aicha!

I love how u put how many cupcakes i ate lmao!jk! Oh well it was so worth it! Ahh im so amped about tomorrow, we're gonna have a blast =)
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Date:March 28th, 2005 07:36 pm (UTC)

Re: aicha, aicha!

i know!
i know...
today si tomorow lol, we're gonna have lotsa fun! yayaay!
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Date:March 28th, 2005 06:58 am (UTC)
i got two min. to say...

happy easter =D
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Date:March 28th, 2005 07:37 pm (UTC)
thanx mike! happy easter to you too1 :-)
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Date:March 28th, 2005 10:19 pm (UTC)
Nataliieee.... You're so cute. =D
I thought I'd just say that.. lol... silly
♥ Jasmine
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Date:March 29th, 2005 04:02 am (UTC)
aww why thank you jasmine lol.. I think... you're so sweet! :-)
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