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Happy! Mar. 12th, 2005 @ 08:09 am
Soo since I'm sooo bored I'm gonna write about something that makes me very happy! This is gonna sound pretty gay, but today is one month with me and Jeff! It feels like so much longer, cuz I've liked him since forever! Since wastwood heights! Last yr I lyked him the whole yr and this yr to, and we're finally together! But we lyked eachother for a while before we started going out. I like him a lot! A lot a lot a lot a lot a lot :-). He makes me soo soo happy! I'm so lucky to have him. I can't think of a better guy, and to all the jealous girls .. He's mine so back off! Cough Jordan cough jordan :). That's why he's with me!

Usually like I've said, I don't lyk guys and stuff. Jeffs the only guy I've really liked so far of my high school and I know he's the only one I will. I know that may sound kind of dumb and like I'm all obsessed.. But I'm not.. Promise! Just the way I like him, it's hard to describe? The way I feel though.. I really think I'm gonna lyk him and only him the rest of my highschool. I've liked him this long already lol!!

I really can't see myself getting this happy being with or talking to anyone else! And Jeff's such a good guy too! He doesn't do all the bad stuff other guys go at our school ( like cheat on there girlfriends and be mean to them! ). And I know he never will! I'm lucky to not have to worry about my bf cheating on me, being mean to me, or ignoring me, Once again.. that's why he's ALLL MINE! I'm the luckiest girl ever! :-D

Jeffaloo if you read this, thank you for everything! You make me sooo happy and I'm so glad I have you. :-) And wake up so you can get on the comp and talk to me =)
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May angels lead you in.. Mar. 10th, 2005 @ 08:30 pm
What a day today was. Ewin came over this morning, and we went to starbucks. Then we left after third period to my house so we could change and then went to the church for Lauren's funeral. Following that we went to the cemetery and then to my mri place then to applebees where we pigged out.

So about Lauren's funeral. It was one of the saddest thing's that I have ever seen and felt. There was soo soo many (literally like hundred's) of people there for support and because they cared. I'm so sad she's gone, but that goes to show the kind of person she was and how many people cared about her. It was so heartbreaking and helped me realize that life is way to precious to waist on stupid or negative things. You never know when it will be your time to go, or someone you care about, so the best thing to do is make the best of every situation and every day. It's so silly to go through life hating people and always being in a negative atmosphere or feeling sorry for yourself. There is so so much more to life, and I hope everyone's eyes have opened if even a little. I'm not gonna bother with stupid petty drama anymore, gosh it's so freakin dumb and I have much better thing's to do, and I hope you guys agree with me and agree to do the same. God gave us one life, and we have to be smart enough to live it to it's fullest and concentrate to on the thing's and people that really matter.

Enough of the lecturing hehe, today the oc was absoloutely wonderful as usual. (I know Lauren watched it too, she loved it!) Seth and Summer are the best couple by far. And then of course followed by Ryan And Marissa. I want them to get back together so so bad. Let's see, Jeff's leaving tomorow, that sucks... I'm gonna miss him :-(. My brother's coming in, and I plan on having lotsa fun with the grlys, and maybe going up to San Marcos with my bro when he goes back. So we'll just have to see how this spring break goes. I'm glad it's finally gonna be here, I need a break from school lol.

So I guess that's about all I have to say today. I'll catch up with you guys later.

** my thoughts and prayers are with Lauren as well as the Nava's and will continue to be... **

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Mar. 9th, 2005 @ 05:37 pm
Well things have gotten better already! I guess just cuz of what happened, it seemed like everything was going wrong, but now everything's getting much better. Thanks to God and all my buds! Well things have been going GREAT with my good good friend, we've been talking so well lately. With everything that's going on, and even though thing's hadn't gone that well lately, I'm glad that and thankful she's been there for me. we've had a pretty bumpy ride and a lot has happened but she's there, and I feel so stupied for thinking she wouldn't be. Along with my other friends, thank you guys so much.

I'm gonna go to Lauren's viewing right now.. I'm really scared and sad. Gosh I loved that girl, she could always make me like pee in my pants I was laughing so hard... Tomorow's the funeral. Please guys, still keep praying for Lauren and her family.

Things are going absoloutely great with Jeff. I feel so stupid about my last entry. I guess so many things were happening at the same time, it seemed like everything was going wrong, but things are really good.. and I'm not sick.. that I know of lol. I think I was just really uneasy and nervous about everything, so that made me feel sick. Lately things just seemed to have been horrible, well as you guys read, and I feel like I over exxagerated on everything when I read over it. But that was how I was truly feeling at the time, it's funny how quickly things can change. I've realized in the past couple of days how many friends I have and how caring they are. Thank God for all of you. To top it off, my brother's coming in town! yayayay! I'm so excited, and I might go up to San Marcos, I'm not too sure though. We play Coronado on Friday, I'm super happy about that. I can't wait to play, last week I punched a girl though.. my coach got mad, I got in trouble. None of that this week though hehe, I promise, we're gonna win! I suppose the real bad thing lately has been the drama, but whatever screw it! I'm over it, and I'm not gonna let it get to me or worry about it.

So I better be off, I'm scared. I'll update manana. Hope some of you can make it out tonight, or to the funeral tomorow. It would not only mean a lot to me, but to the family. Lauren was such a wonderful person! *God Bless*

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(I love brittany hehe, she's the bestest!)
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It's kewl if you guys don't read, I know it's long lol. Mar. 7th, 2005 @ 09:02 pm
Wow. Yesterday and today have been the two saddest, most confusing days in a very very long time. Mixed emotions, and constant tears. I think yesterday though, has been the worst than any other day in a such a long time. I guess cuz I was home and had more time to think about things, and there wasn't as many distractions?... I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long post, because I'm gonna let it all out. Well not all, but what I feel isn't too personal to write on here.

It's funny, BRIT and I are going through like the exact same thing, like literally. We've both been feeling so sad about everything lately and I thank God we have eachother. Brit and I can relate to eachother so much right now, with the way things are going, and cuza how alike we are. And honestly, things would be so much harder without her right now. Then there's MARCO hehe. Sheesh, I dunno what I'd do without that boy. He too has helped me so much lately, and I'd be even more lost without him. He gives the best advice and really understands and listen's to what's going on. I'm so so thankful for you two if you read this. Having you guys seriously makes things so much better, and you two are the only people I can share EVERYTHING with right now, without holding back, and again thank you guys. You don't have to listen to me or try to help me out, but you do and I thank God for that. I love you both soo much!
(to my other bud's i appreciate you guys so much and you all mean so much to me, don't think for one minute you don't. it's just right now, they've been the one's helping me through what's going on and really really helping me out. more than words could say)

Well the whole thing with Lauren is just devastating, and I keep thinkin about her, and I'm so sad and sorry that she had to pass the way she did. I know she's in a better place, but a person like her deserved so much more. Prayers and God will help us all through it though. I know that... Then one of my old best friend's and I aren't even close friends anymore. Things are akward sometime's, and I don't look at her the way I used to, and I know she doesn't to me as well. There's stuff that has happened and been said that won't change or won't be forgotten, so I'm so sad about that. And yesterday i kept thinkin about her, and our friendship along with what it has become. Lately, yesterday especially, I've felt like sick. Like my stomach feels like a constant drop and my throat's all dry and I've felt lightheaded. And then things with someone aren't too good. I mean they're not bad, but not how I'd want them to be. I mean I'm thankful for him, and I like him so much and I don't wanna just be friends with him. But I just feel really like uncertain about the way he feels. And I guess just because emotion's have been high, cuza what's been going on, it's really been getting to me more lately. Like the little things are what get to me most. I'm not gonna get into detail cuzI've already written so much. But you'd think things would be a little different than what they are. I HATE that guys other than him, say so many nicer things to me and do so many nicer things for me, and actually go out of their way for me. Or do for me, what i do for him. Like I know I don't cross his mind half as many times as he crosses mine, and I feel like I'm taking him and us more seriously than he is. I hate the fact, that it's always me me and me getting us to talk or see eachother. And it always seem's like I wanna talk to him and be with him, and he doesn't. Cuz like as it is I'm not a really like touchy or like one to show how I feel and stuff. And sheesh, he's even worse than me. You'd think that since we were together, there'd be a little more effort there but there's not. And I wish I dunno the little things could be better. There's so many, but like I said too many to type on here and I don't wanna go into detail for the public hehe. If he really want's to know what's bothering me, and why I've been the way I have he can ask. Gosh Marco and Brit, you two helped me out so much with that situatuion.

And I mean there's other things going on right now, that are a little too personal to write on here that have been bothering me too. I know all the negative thing's will pass, and some people have far worse problems than me, but these are things that are really bothering me. And no lol, there's nothing to worry about here. Just like I said before a lot going on, and i know thing's will pass and get better. God as well as my friends will help me through everything. And please everyone, continue to pray for the Nava's and for Lauren.

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Mar. 6th, 2005 @ 12:56 pm
First off, to everyone in the Nava family and everyone affected by this terrble loss, my thought's and prayers are with you all. Lauren was a WONDERFUL person that had a way of making everyone smile. We will all miss her and she will always be in our hearts. We'll still see her and feel her through her family and eachother. We have all been blessed to have known a person with such a big heart, and no one wanted to see her go, but she's with angels now watching over us and looking out for us. Anyone of the Nava's, or anyone else for that matter, if you need anything at all I'm here with arms wide open. God Bless and let's keep with the prayer's and being there for one another. God will not only guide us through this, but Lauren herself. Take care everyone, and be strong. Lauren we love you!!!
Other entries

Wow! there's been a lotta birthdays lately hehe. Yesterday was netty's and I would updated yesterday, but I wasn't home at all. I got up extra early yesterday, and ewin came over. Then Larry came and picked us up, and we went to Starbucks. Mmmm! Then we went to Eastwood Knolls to read to the little kids and then we came back to my house and chilled. Then went back to school, and I had a game against montwood. It was a really close game, we won in shootouts. Annette scored for her b*day, and I scored one.. just for her! So I'm so happy we're in second place now, hopefully we can beat Franklin tomorow. Anyways, me and marco are gonna party it up a lot spring break hehe. Both of our families are goin to San Marcos and then we're both just gonna be here. Jeff's gonna be out of town, that sux! :-(  Today in the mornign Brit and I went to starbucks and talked about lotsa stuff, it was nice and Cori came to lunch with us which made my day even better. I just got back from getting my mri done, so we'll see what happens...



                                                                       <<that's netty herself on the left!



                 netty on the right!

(sorry I'm in these pics, these are the only ones I have on here of annette)



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» Happy birthday Rob and Jasmine!!
So I was a little bored, and i took a whole buncha quizzes. Check out what I got..
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and of course a a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ROBERT and JASMINE!!!!

I hope you guys have an awesome birthday!!! :-)


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Hey guys! Well I'm finally released so I can play now!I have to go for an mri on thursday, and then they'll tell me if I need surgery or not or what's exactly wrong.. but they said since i played on my foot like that before, I can play for now cuz we have really important teams coming up! Yesss! Jeff came back in town so I'm really happy about that. What else, friday I didn't go anywhere I was all cold and didn't feel good after the game, i didn't play but I had to sit and watch. Yesterday, the bonez was like moved to crystals casa and it got raided all early which blew. But I was happy I got to be with my buds and finally got to see jeff haha. I dunno wut ewin and I would have done when the copsg ot there, but luckily we ran into joey and he took us outta there lol. We then went to starbucks where we got white chocolate mochas and cake. Then we went back to my house and ate P.F.Changs. When ewin and I woke up this morning, we ate menudo, fruit, more pfchangs and had nutty buddy ice creams. And since she went home, I've eaten non stop. You guys are gonna have to be rolling us down the halls haha.

 In other news lol, today is my wonderful amigas birthday! Miss jenne munoz!



I hope you have a great 18!!!


I know I've already posted these pics lol, but they're the only ones I have of jen!


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» and all the things that you never ever told me, and all the smiles that are ever gonna haunt me

So I haven't been updating as frequently as I used to. I guess cuz there's been like nothing interesting going on lately. Yesterday was the Taks, it was easy but boring as hell. I finished all fast, and I rushed my essay cuz it was some gay and stupid topic "Describe how an object or place can remind a person of a special relationshiP".. GAY!.. The weekend was perty dope. On Friday after the soccer game went to Marshalls party. It was alright, there was a little drama but it got cleared up the next day. After Marshalls, Ewin, Jen and I went to starbucks with Patrick, Josh and Joey, It was f*ckin funny. I was cracking up, and then some crazy guy came up to us and asked us for a ride and like was trying to touch ewin.It was funny lol. I looked away real fast and Patrick put his head down and was laughing like a retard, and mooned us on the way home, they like cut us off and all you could see was his white ass. It was bright cuz it was all dark lol. Then on Saturday, Jeff came over and we watched the notebook (yaya I love that movie!) and he didn't like it, but it's okay he's weird.

And we watched the girl next door. Of course he liked that right? Boys will be boys.. Then Sunday, me and my mommy went to P.F.Changs and then to the mall on the westside. Wow I love to shop. It's like my favorite thing to do. So things have been going really good lately. Tomorow Jeff's leaving outta town :-/ ... school will be even more boring than usual for two days lol. Oh well, he comes back saturday morning so that's kewl. And everyone there's gonna be a bonez on saturday for pacos bday so all you bitches better go haha!

There's not really much else to say. I'll update again soon. love ya guys!


*and all the wounds that are ever gonna scar me
for all the ghosts that are never gonna catch me*

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» (No Subject)

Full name ~ Natalie Nicole Aguilar

Nicknames ~ Natty, Nat

Birthday ~ November 1st, 1988

Age ~ 16

Siblings ~ Josh, 22,

Ewin (well not by blood, but u know lol)

Pets ~ 5 chihuahuas (tinkerbell, tiny, fatness, polo, stumps) a mop lookin dog (killer) a pit bull boxer mix (damien)


Eye Color ~ Blue

Hair Color ~ naturally dirty blonde, I died it darker, but I'm gonna go back to blondish

Hair Length ~ Long (but not too long)

Piercings ~ Ears, and wanna get my belly

Tatoos ~ None

Braces ~ Nope

Glasses or Contacts ~ Clear contacts, I have HORRIBLE vision lol


Color ~ Pink (I'm GrLy), Orange

Movie ~ The Girl Next Door, and The Notebook

Song ~ Too many

Band ~ Taking Back Sunday

Singer ~ Guy-John Mayer Girl- Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson

Sport ~ Soccer of course!

Hobby ~ Shopping :)

Subject ~ English

Holiday ~ Christmas

Season ~ Summer .. Winter maybe

Book ~ Message In a Bottle

Disney Character ~ Cinderella

Saying ~ That's hott (Paris Hilton's bad)

~*This or That*~

Movies or music ~ depends on my mood

Day or Night ~ depends on hat I'm doin lol, night overall though

Magazine or book ~ book

Pink or Black ~ Pink

Dog or Cat ~ Dog

Thunder or Lightning ~ Thunder

Humming or Singing ~ Singin loud w/ my sucky voice haha

Apples or Oranges ~ Apples

One Piece or Bikini ~ Bikini definately!

Chocolate or Vanilla ~ Chocolate


Do you like to decorate Christmas Trees ~ Ya

What's your current status ~ *Taken* ... Jeff <3

Favorite T.V. Show ~ The Oc, and Laguna Beach (can't pick between em)

Do you like to swim ~ of course

Do you write poems ~ someitmes, but I end up throwin em away

Do you believe in Aliens ~ Ya

Are you in love ~ Nope

Do you like Drew Barrymore ~ Umm I guess?

Ever Seen A Celebrity In person ~ Fabio or wutever that butter guy's name is w/ the long hair

Do you like school ~ Nah

Have you ever been to a concert ~ yes!

Biggest Celebrity Crush ~ Adam Brody ... duh lol!
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